Main Forms: Anxius, Anxia, Anxium

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Anxia Anxius Anxium
Genitive Anxiae Anxii Anxii
Dative Anxiae Anxio Anxio
Accusative Anxiam Anxium Anxium
Ablative Anxia Anxio Anxio
Vocative Anxia Anxii Anxium
Nominative Anxiae Anxii Anxia
Genitive Anxiarum Anxiorum Anxiorum
Dative Anxiis Anxiis Anxiis
Accusative Anxias Anxios Anxia
Ablative Anxiis Anxiis Anxiis
Vocative Anxiae Anxii Anxia
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Anxiior Anxiius
Genitive Anxiioris Anxiioris
Dative Anxiiori Anxiiori
Accusative Anxiiorem Anxiius
Ablative Anxiiore Anxiiore
Vocative Anxiior Anxiius
Nominative Anxiiores Anxiiora
Genitive Anxiiorum Anxiiorum
Dative Anxiioribus Anxiioribus
Accusative Anxiiores Anxiiora
Ablative Anxiioribus Anxiioribus
Vocative Anxiiores Anxiiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Anxiissima Anxiissimus Anxiissimum
Genitive Anxiissimae Anxiissimi Anxiissimi
Dative Anxiissimae Anxiissimo Anxiissimo
Accusative Anxiissimam Anxiissimum Anxiissimum
Ablative Anxiissima Anxiissimo Anxiissimo
Vocative Anxiissima Anxiissime Anxiissimum
Nominative Anxiissimae Anxiissimi Anxiissima
Genitive Anxiissimarum Anxiissimorum Anxiissimorum
Dative Anxiissimis Anxiissimis Anxiissimis
Accusative Anxiissimas Anxiissimos Anxiissima
Ablative Anxiissimis Anxiissimis Anxiissimis
Vocative Anxiissimae Anxiissimi Anxiissima

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Translation Anxious
Adjective Forms Anxius, Anxia, Anxium
Masculine Anxius
Feminine Anxia
Neuter Anxium
Stem Anxi

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Voc. Singular ending i

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