Ancient, old

Main Forms: Antiquus, Antiqua, Antiquum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Antiqua Antiquus Antiquum
Genitive Antiquae Antiqui Antiqui
Dative Antiquae Antiquo Antiquo
Accusative Antiquam Antiquum Antiquum
Ablative Antiqua Antiquo Antiquo
Vocative Antiqua Antique Antiquum
Nominative Antiquae Antiqui Antiqua
Genitive Antiquarum Antiquorum Antiquorum
Dative Antiquis Antiquis Antiquis
Accusative Antiquas Antiquos Antiqua
Ablative Antiquis Antiquis Antiquis
Vocative Antiquae Antiqui Antiqua
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Antiquior Antiquius
Genitive Antiquioris Antiquioris
Dative Antiquiori Antiquiori
Accusative Antiquiorem Antiquius
Ablative Antiquiore Antiquiore
Vocative Antiquior Antiquius
Nominative Antiquiores Antiquiora
Genitive Antiquiorum Antiquiorum
Dative Antiquioribus Antiquioribus
Accusative Antiquiores Antiquiora
Ablative Antiquioribus Antiquioribus
Vocative Antiquiores Antiquiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Antiquissima Antiquissimus Antiquissimum
Genitive Antiquissimae Antiquissimi Antiquissimi
Dative Antiquissimae Antiquissimo Antiquissimo
Accusative Antiquissimam Antiquissimum Antiquissimum
Ablative Antiquissima Antiquissimo Antiquissimo
Vocative Antiquissima Antiquissime Antiquissimum
Nominative Antiquissimae Antiquissimi Antiquissima
Genitive Antiquissimarum Antiquissimorum Antiquissimorum
Dative Antiquissimis Antiquissimis Antiquissimis
Accusative Antiquissimas Antiquissimos Antiquissima
Ablative Antiquissimis Antiquissimis Antiquissimis
Vocative Antiquissimae Antiquissimi Antiquissima

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Translation Ancient, old
Adjective Forms Antiquus, Antiqua, Antiquum
Masculine Antiquus
Feminine Antiqua
Neuter Antiquum
Stem Antiqu

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