Main Forms: Anglicus, Anglica, Anglicum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Anglica Anglicus Anglicum
Genitive Anglicae Anglici Anglici
Dative Anglicae Anglico Anglico
Accusative Anglicam Anglicum Anglicum
Ablative Anglica Anglico Anglico
Vocative Anglica Anglice Anglicum
Nominative Anglicae Anglici Anglica
Genitive Anglicarum Anglicorum Anglicorum
Dative Anglicis Anglicis Anglicis
Accusative Anglicas Anglicos Anglica
Ablative Anglicis Anglicis Anglicis
Vocative Anglicae Anglici Anglica
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Anglicior Anglicius
Genitive Anglicioris Anglicioris
Dative Angliciori Angliciori
Accusative Angliciorem Anglicius
Ablative Angliciore Angliciore
Vocative Anglicior Anglicius
Nominative Angliciores Angliciora
Genitive Angliciorum Angliciorum
Dative Anglicioribus Anglicioribus
Accusative Angliciores Angliciora
Ablative Anglicioribus Anglicioribus
Vocative Angliciores Angliciora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Anglicusrima Anglicusrimus Anglicusrimum
Genitive Anglicusrimae Anglicusrimi Anglicusrimi
Dative Anglicusrimae Anglicusrimo Anglicusrimo
Accusative Anglicusrimam Anglicusrimum Anglicusrimum
Ablative Anglicusrima Anglicusrimo Anglicusrimo
Vocative Anglicusrima Anglicusrime Anglicusrimum
Nominative Anglicusrimae Anglicusrimi Anglicrima
Genitive Anglicusrimarum Anglicusrimorum Anglicrimorum
Dative Anglicusrimis Anglicusrimis Anglicusrimis
Accusative Anglicusrimas Anglicusrimos Anglicusrima
Ablative Anglicusrimis Anglicusrimis Anglicusrimis
Vocative Anglicusrimae Anglicusrimi Anglicusrima

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Translation English
Adjective Forms Anglicus, Anglica, Anglicum
Masculine Anglicus
Feminine Anglica
Neuter Anglicum
Stem Anglic

If the adjective is first/second declension, specify the vocative ending.

Voc. Singular ending e

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