White, Clear, Bright

Main Forms: Albus, Alba, Album

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Alba Albus Album
Genitive Albae Albi Albi
Dative Albae Albo Albo
Accusative Albam Album Album
Ablative Alba Albo Albo
Vocative Alba Alb Album
Nominative Albae Albi Alba
Genitive Albarum Alborum Alborum
Dative Albis Albis Albis
Accusative Albas Albos Alba
Ablative Albis Albis Albis
Vocative Albae Albi Alba
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Albior Albius
Genitive Albioris Albioris
Dative Albiori Albiori
Accusative Albiorem Albius
Ablative Albiore Albiore
Vocative Albior Albius
Nominative Albiores Albiora
Genitive Albiorum Albiorum
Dative Albioribus Albioribus
Accusative Albiores Albiora
Ablative Albioribus Albioribus
Vocative Albiores Albiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Albusrima Albusrimus Albusrimum
Genitive Albusrimae Albusrimi Albusrimi
Dative Albusrimae Albusrimo Albusrimo
Accusative Albusrimam Albusrimum Albusrimum
Ablative Albusrima Albusrimo Albusrimo
Vocative Albusrima Albusrime Albusrimum
Nominative Albusrimae Albusrimi Albrima
Genitive Albusrimarum Albusrimorum Albrimorum
Dative Albusrimis Albusrimis Albusrimis
Accusative Albusrimas Albusrimos Albusrima
Ablative Albusrimis Albusrimis Albusrimis
Vocative Albusrimae Albusrimi Albusrima

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Translation White, Clear, Bright
Adjective Forms Albus, Alba, Album
Masculine Albus
Feminine Alba
Neuter Album
Stem Alb

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