Eternal, immortal

Main Forms: Aeternus, Aeterna, Aeternum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Aeterna Aeternus Aeternum
Genitive Aeternae Aeterni Aeterni
Dative Aeternae Aeterno Aeterno
Accusative Aeternam Aeternum Aeternum
Ablative Aeterna Aeterno Aeterno
Vocative Aeterna Aeterne Aeternum
Nominative Aeternae Aeterni Aeterna
Genitive Aeternarum Aeternorum Aeternorum
Dative Aeternis Aeternis Aeternis
Accusative Aeternas Aeternos Aeterna
Ablative Aeternis Aeternis Aeternis
Vocative Aeternae Aeterni Aeterna
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Aeternior Aeternius
Genitive Aeternioris Aeternioris
Dative Aeterniori Aeterniori
Accusative Aeterniorem Aeternius
Ablative Aeterniore Aeterniore
Vocative Aeternior Aeternius
Nominative Aeterniores Aeterniora
Genitive Aeterniorum Aeterniorum
Dative Aeternioribus Aeternioribus
Accusative Aeterniores Aeterniora
Ablative Aeternioribus Aeternioribus
Vocative Aeterniores Aeterniora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Aeternissima Aeternissimus Aeternissimum
Genitive Aeternissimae Aeternissimi Aeternissimi
Dative Aeternissimae Aeternissimo Aeternissimo
Accusative Aeternissimam Aeternissimum Aeternissimum
Ablative Aeternissima Aeternissimo Aeternissimo
Vocative Aeternissima Aeternissime Aeternissimum
Nominative Aeternissimae Aeternissimi Aeternissima
Genitive Aeternissimarum Aeternissimorum Aeternissimorum
Dative Aeternissimis Aeternissimis Aeternissimis
Accusative Aeternissimas Aeternissimos Aeternissima
Ablative Aeternissimis Aeternissimis Aeternissimis
Vocative Aeternissimae Aeternissimi Aeternissima

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Translation Eternal, immortal
Adjective Forms Aeternus, Aeterna, Aeternum
Masculine Aeternus
Feminine Aeterna
Neuter Aeternum
Stem Aetern

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