Fierce, sharp, irritating, pungent, bitter

Main Forms: Acer, Acris

Positive Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Acer Acre
Genitive Acris Acris
Dative Acri Acri
Accusative Acrem Acre
Ablative Acri Acri
Vocative Acer Acre
Nominative Acres Acria
Genitive Acrium Acrium
Dative Acribus Acribus
Accusative Acres Acria
Ablative Acribus Acribus
Vocative Acres Acria
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Acrior Acrius
Genitive Acrioris Acrioris
Dative Acriori Acriori
Accusative Acriorem Acrius
Ablative Acriore Acriore
Vocative Acrior Acrius
Nominative Acriores Acriora
Genitive Acriorum Acriorum
Dative Acrioribus Acrioribus
Accusative Acriores Acriora
Ablative Acrioribus Acrioribus
Vocative Acriores Acriora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Acerrima Acerrimus Acerrimum
Genitive Acerrimae Acerrimi Acerrimi
Dative Acerrimae Acerrimo Acerrimo
Accusative Acerrimam Acerrimum Acerrimum
Ablative Acerrima Acerrimo Acerrimo
Vocative Acerrima Acerrime Acerrimum
Nominative Acerrimae Acerrimi Acrrima
Genitive Acerrimarum Acerrimorum Acrrimorum
Dative Acerrimis Acerrimis Acerrimis
Accusative Acerrimas Acerrimos Acerrima
Ablative Acerrimis Acerrimis Acerrimis
Vocative Acerrimae Acerrimi Acerrima

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Translation Fierce, sharp, irritating, pungent, bitter
Adjective Forms Acer, Acris
Masculine Acer
Feminine Acris
Neuter Acre
Stem Acr

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