Absurd, silly, pointless

Main Forms: Absurdus, Absurda, Absurdum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Absurda Absurdus Absurdum
Genitive Absurdae Absurdi Absurdi
Dative Absurdae Absurdo Absurdo
Accusative Absurdam Absurdum Absurdum
Ablative Absurda Absurdo Absurdo
Vocative Absurda Absurde Absurdum
Nominative Absurdae Absurdi Absurda
Genitive Absurdarum Absurdorum Absurdorum
Dative Absurdis Absurdis Absurdis
Accusative Absurdas Absurdos Absurda
Ablative Absurdis Absurdis Absurdis
Vocative Absurdae Absurdi Absurda
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Absurdior Absurdius
Genitive Absurdioris Absurdioris
Dative Absurdiori Absurdiori
Accusative Absurdiorem Absurdius
Ablative Absurdiore Absurdiore
Vocative Absurdior Absurdius
Nominative Absurdiores Absurdiora
Genitive Absurdiorum Absurdiorum
Dative Absurdioribus Absurdioribus
Accusative Absurdiores Absurdiora
Ablative Absurdioribus Absurdioribus
Vocative Absurdiores Absurdiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Absurdissima Absurdissimus Absurdissimum
Genitive Absurdissimae Absurdissimi Absurdissimi
Dative Absurdissimae Absurdissimo Absurdissimo
Accusative Absurdissimam Absurdissimum Absurdissimum
Ablative Absurdissima Absurdissimo Absurdissimo
Vocative Absurdissima Absurdissime Absurdissimum
Nominative Absurdissimae Absurdissimi Absurdissima
Genitive Absurdissimarum Absurdissimorum Absurdissimorum
Dative Absurdissimis Absurdissimis Absurdissimis
Accusative Absurdissimas Absurdissimos Absurdissima
Ablative Absurdissimis Absurdissimis Absurdissimis
Vocative Absurdissimae Absurdissimi Absurdissima

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Translation Absurd, silly, pointless
Adjective Forms Absurdus, Absurda, Absurdum
Masculine Absurdus
Feminine Absurda
Neuter Absurdum
Stem Absurd

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